Light-gathering with old Cameralenses & CCD/DSLR

My goal for the next time: Doing astropicts with old photolenses fitted to a modified  Canon1000D (without infraredfilter)

The selfbuild shuttercable for my old canon 300D does still it's job.

To test the new camera, it was a good opportunity to reactivate my old EQ6-german-mounting.

But this time I tried to do guiding with a little webcam (Phillips ToUcam Pro) fitted to the scope. It was my first attempt in this way and because I am an "old", classic astroimager ( it is about 20 years ago I did my last picture on film) I prefered guiding by hand. It was totally unusual for me. to do this job without a guiding ocular. I used freeware (wxAstrocapture) form internet, connected to the webcam and inserted a virtual Reticle on the screen of my notebook. It was easy to track the star using the handbox-controller of my scope ( see following screenshot of my setup). Next time I will use the autoguiding features of the same software and i will allow my computer to guide my DSLR ;-)

FIRST LIGHT for my 1000D and an old 80 mm f:1,8 lens from DDR (Zeiss-Jena)

Both pictures Canon 1000D, ASA1600, 60sec 80mm f:4

Due to heavy Light pollution for longer exposures I will need an CLS-ASTRONOMIC- Filter against lightpollution, I have to order one at my local astrodealer :-)