CEDIC 2009 -Ars Electronica Center - Linz AUSTRIA

 04 - 05 04 2009

 For me it was a great pleasure  being a crewmember and doing a little contribution to the organisation.

Well known international experts took part in the first European Deepsky Imaging Conference.
The following scan shows the conference programm, followed by some Picts of this successful event.

Dr. Dietmar Hager (Stargazer-Observatory) and DI Herbert Raab (Chairman of  Linzer Astromomical Society)

Lars Lindberg Christensen via Skype Account Eniko Patkos

Mr. "AstroTrack" (Martin Stirland)

Fascinating DEEP SPACE

Listen to the speech of Dietmar Hager @ Youtube

Christoph Kaltseis speaking at Conference Dinner


Link to official CEDIC-Site