Following the first draft.

A first photographic report of constructing the trailer

The "dome" already in action

In the future I want to take my observatory to any dark place I want (for example to dark and high mountain places) !!!

Some people set up their telescope, I want to set up my observatory. The "dome" is a kind of foldaway box, full 360 rotating and motorcontrolled,  the pier will be seperated from observatory ground and can be lowered to the ground.

Planned is: Wireless Connection, Remote Control, CCD Cam & Guiding  - I want to observe in warm conditions - for example sitting in my campervan or in a house. The trailer will be powered by solarpanels and some didactic materials (charts, models, beamer, screen, and multimedia equipment) will be on board for doing astronomylessions on the fly.

I will use the trailer for public observations, especialle during future planned trips to foreign countries in the name of Astronomers Without Borders (AWB). Have a look - HERE- to a report of my first AWB- trip 2010 - " From Orient to Occident - One People, One Sky" -  with my little "Astrocar" (1.AWB-CAR).